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Frequently asked Questions.

Answers to most frequently asked questions

  1. Where is Domeo located?

    Domeo is located in our back yard and we are located in Hensonville, part of Windham, NY. View Google Map
  2. Is Domeo in a secluded area or in the woods?

    Even though our Domeo is tucked away in our back yard, behind our home, we are located in a small town and there are houses near by as in any other small town in this area. We are NOT in the woods.
  3. How far away is Domeo from your house?

    Domeo is about 25 feet away from our home.
  4. What is Glamping?

    Glamping = glamorous camping. You are camping in a very unique, well equipped, majestic geodesic dome tent.
  5. Do you allow pets?

    No. Absolutely no animals of any kind are allowed inside our dome. This is a custom built tent that we put tremendous amount of work into, and no matter how well behaved your pet is, we do NOT make exceptions to any of our rules.
  6. What time is Check-In and Check-Out?

    Check in is after 4 PM and Check out is on or before 10 AM.
    (Earlier check in or later check out can be arranged, for an additional fee. This additional service is only available in the event that there are no prior guests leaving on the day of your arrival, or arriving on your departure day, and if it does not interfere with our schedule. Please confirm with us.)
  7. Does the dome have electricity inside?

    Yes! Our Domeo has electric outlets and lights inside.
  8. Is there hot and cold water inside?

    Yes! Both, sink and shower have hot and cold water.
  9. Is there a toilet inside?

    Domeo has an RV self sustained toilet inside. We recommend that you use public restrooms anytime you are out. The tank holds 5.3 gallons of waste total which should be more than sufficient for at least 4 or 5 nights stay.
    There is a $25 charge each time you need to empty the tank during your stay, unless you are using it more than 3 nights.
    We will supply you with RV toilet paper, which is the only thing you should use in the toilet. Please be Frugal and keep in mind that you are camping and this is not a "City septic" setup.
    No wipes or feminine products should ever be flushed!
    If you have never used an RV toilet here is a short video with instructions on how to use the one we have:
    View on Google Drive or view it on YouTube:
  10. Is smoking allowed inside the dome?

    Smoking is prohibited inside our dome and you must be at least 10 feet away if you want to smoke outside. Ashtray is provided on the outdoor table.
  11. Can I cook inside the dome?

    Indoor cooking is not permitted, but guests are welcome to grill and cook outdoors. A propane grill with a gas burner is provided, as well as an outdoor table with chairs. Inside, guests may use the microwave to re-heat food, the coffee maker, and the electric kettle to boil water.
  12. Are the any stores near by where I can purchase food?

    Yes. There is a grocery store in walking distance (Frozen Food Locker; click to view on Google map , open 8am-6pm Mon-Sun).
  13. Are there any plates, glasses or utensils in the Domeo?

    Yes. Domeo is equipped in all the basic accessories (dishes, glasses and utensils). We provide grill tools, 1 medium pot and 1 frying pan only, in case you are planning to use the burner on the outdoor grill. Feel free to bring your favorite pots/pans.
  14. Are linens and/or towels provided?

    Yes. One time setup includes linens (bed will be made) and towels (one bath towel per person). If you need more towels or sheets, please bring them with you.
    When renting for two, only the main bed will be made. Loft mattress is to be used as a SEAT ONLY, unless otherwise requested in advance and set up by us. $25 additional fee applies for the setup. (This option not offered if you booked via Airbnb due to limitations placed on us). Do not attempt to unfold or move the mattress as this can cause costly damage.
    When booking for 3 or 4, loft mattress will be set up as bed (at no extra fee). Please do not attempt to fold it.
  15. What should I bring with me?

    Everything basic is provided. We keep it simple which allows us to provide reasonable rates. Napkins to start you with are there. If you need more, or other supplies, garbage bags, food, spices etc. grocery store is within 10 minutes walk from the dome (Hensonville Frozen Food Locker; click to view on Google map , open 8am-6pm Mon-Sun).
    Often guests leave coffee, etc behind so some might be available and you are welcome to use it.
    Bring your favorite pots and pans to cook on the grill gas burner.
    Please bring slippers, and remove shoes inside the dome.
    We recommend that you bring paper towels, napkins and any extra towels or washcloths you might need. If you use face cleansers, makeup or creams that bleach or stain towels, you should bring your own makeup remover cloth or towel. We charge for replacing stained or bleached towels.
    During winter you might want to bring extra sweaters and/or blankets.
    Feel free to bring DVD's. There is a TV with basic cable channels and Blue-ray inside our Domeo.
  16. Is there Internet connection available in the dome?

    Yes! Wireless High Speed Internet connection is available. Wi-Fi is coming from our house :)
  17. Are there any cameras on the property?

    Yes. We utilize an exterior surveillance camera with video and audio capture for security and weather monitoring. It located by the entry and is used for the surveillance of the driveway, entrances and exits of dome, and weather observations.
  18. Is there a TV inside the dome?

    Yes. TV with Basic Cable Programming is provided.
  19. Is there a DVD player inside?

    Yes. There is a Blue-ray player inside our dome. Bring your DVD's!
  20. Where can I park?

    We have a spot for your car right in our driveway! Parking is limited to 1 car. If you are arriving in more than 1 vehicle, the 2nd one will have to be parked on Main Street.
  21. What are some attractions and things to do in the local area? Are there any fun activities?

    Catskill mountains are filled with beautiful places to see with plenty of lakes, gorgeous mountain views, hiking, biking, skiing, etc. There are festivals during spring, summer and fall, as well as skiing during winter. Don't forget to check out the Zip Line in Hunter!
    Our location is perfect for Winter sports, gorgeous Fall scenery, colorful Autumn foliage, Summer and Fall festivals, fun concerts, scenic drives, hiking, golfing, bird watching, biking, swimming or just relaxing while visiting the majestic Catskill Mountains.
    For more information please visit our Attractions Page
  22. Can I ski / snowboard near by?

    Yes! Our Domeo is located just two miles from Windham Mountain, only 7 miles from Hunter, and 18 miles from Belleayre, making it a perfect location for skiers and snowboarders visiting the Catskills! Snow tubing is also available.
    Additionally Windham Mountain Adventure Park offers ice skating and kids snowmobile.
    For more information please visit our Winter Sports Page
  23. Are there any Restaurants or bars in walking distance?

    Yes! There is a diner, couple of local bars with food and an Italian Restaurant, all within 5 minutes walk from Domeo.
    For details and more places to grab a bite or drinks please see our Restaurants and Bars Page
  24. Can I rent Domeo in the winter?

    Yes! Our Domeo is available for rent all year long. It is heated during winter months with silent, electric oil filled heaters.
    Heaters are set to turn off when temperature inside reaches mid 70's and turn back on when temperature drops to low 70's. We require that they are used on medium setting only
    Hensonville, New York, weather forecast
    7 Days Forecast
    Extended 8 to 15 Days Weather Forecast
    NOTE: Please keep in mind that you are renting a TENT, not a house. Please check the weather prior to arrival. During very cold winter days (below 0 F) temperatures inside might not raise above 72 degrees F, so feel free to bring extra blankets, sweaters, etc in case you need them.
    In the event of extremely cold temperatures we reserve the right to cancel your booking (for your and our property safety), and will issue a refund.
  25. Is there an AC in the dome?

    Yes! During the summer, our Geodesic Dome is equipped with an AC which cools Domeo nicely, but you should still keep in mind you are in a tent, not a house.
    We require that AC is used on Low or Medium setting only.
    Important when using AC: Our evenings temperatures are usually cool so it is recommended to turn OFF AC (or run it on FAN only mode) anytime outside temperature is below 65 degrees. Please note that if you are running AC and it's cool outside, the compressor might freeze which will cause the unit to break down. We will hold you responsible for damaging the unit and any repair or replacement costs.
  26. Can I get to Domeo by public transportation?

    Yes, you can! You can take a bus (Adirondack Trailways) from NYC Port Authority. The bus will leave you in walking distance from the dome.
  27. Can I get to Domeo by Amtrak?

    It is not recommended as you will have to take a LONG taxi ride from Hudson, to get here. Take the bus instead (see above).
  28. Can I rent Domeo for more than 4 guests?

    Our Domeo is set up for up to 4 people. It's ideal for two couples. It would not be comfortable for a bigger group.
  29. Can I use the loft mattress as a bed when renting for two?

    If you are booking for two, only the main bed will be made. Loft mattress is to be used as a SEAT ONLY, unless otherwise requested and set up by us ($25 additional fee applies for the setup).
    When booking for 3 or 4, loft mattress will be set up as bed (at no extra fee).
  30. How far is Domeo from NYC?

    We are about 106 miles (about 2 1/2 - 3 hours) from NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal (41st Street, New York, NY 10018). View Google Map
  31. How far is Domeo from Albany, NY?

    We are about 45 miles, 1 hour away, from Albany, NY Bus Terminal (34 Hamilton St).
  32. How far is Domeo from Woodstock, NY?

    We are about 25 miles, 35-45 minutes away, from Woodstock, NY Bus Terminal.
  33. How far are you from Windham, or Hunter, NY?

    Hensonville is a part of Windham. We are just a couple of miles away from Windham Mountain and downtown Windham, and about 6 miles from Hunter, NY.
  34. How do I get the keys to enter the dome?

    Someone will be there to show you in and we will provide you with a code to the key box that holds the key.
    It is important that you let us know what time you might arrive and keep us updated in case of any changes on the day of your arrival.
  35. Is there a lake by the dome?

    No, however there is a Batavia Kill Creek in walking distance from the dome. We recommend that you check out North-South Lake and Kaaterskill Falls when you are visiting. For more information please see our Kaaterskill Falls and North and South Lake page.
  36. What type of payments do you accept and what are your booking rules?

    You can pay online with your credit or debit card, Paypal or Google Pay. For our booking rules please see our Rental Agreement page.